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How can you tell users they can scroll?

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While we realize that putting the most important content above the fold is important, sometimes there is a need to scroll. The problem is that users do not realize they can scroll. There are a few ways to help users scroll.

Avoid False Bottom

Avoid false bottom in your UI design. This is when you make it look like the page is finished when there is actually more content below the fold. This can be confusing for users and make them think they cannot scroll. Usually, UXers solve this by making sure there’s a piece of partial content that makes you understand there’s something else as well. If the story doesn’t end then the users assume there’s more and they’ll try to scroll. This is also evident from the Gestalt Principle of Continuity.

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Use Indicators

One way is to use a visual indicator. This could be a button or a line that shows users where they can scroll. This is helpful because it gives users a visual cue that they can scroll.

You can use text to tell users they can scroll. This is the least effective way to help users scroll because users have to read the text in order to know they can scroll.

Show Scrollbars

Another way to help users scroll is to use a scrollbar. This is also a visual cue that users can scroll. Some browsers show scrollbars momentarily to indicate that they exist.

Use animation to help users scroll. This is a more subtle way to help users scroll. It can be helpful because it directs users’ attention to where they can scroll.

Finally, make sure that the most important content is above the fold. This is the most important thing you can do to help users scroll.

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